Friday, April 23, 2010

Water Garden

My latest undertaking is to build a small water garden on the porch at my apartment. Since I obviously can't dig a hole and install a traditional liner or shell type water garden I've decided to build an above-the-ground water garden in half whiskey barrels.

To make the water garden more interesting I have decided to use two separate barrels with one being lifted slightly higher than the other so that water can cascade from the upper barrel to the lower one.

In addition I am going to install water level sensors and relay controls so that I will be able to remotely monitor the water level and switch the circulation pump on and off on my iPhone. The system will also be able to send me text messages if the water level drops for any reason and automatically shut the pump off to prevent further draining and/or damage to the pump.

Things Needed for this Project
  • Whiskey Barrels (searching for a lower price)
  • Water Pump/Filter
  • Plastic Tubing
  • Water Level Sensors (x2)
  • 110v Relay
  • ioBridge
  • Plants (and pots, dirt, etc.)
  • Goldfish (eventually)
Next Steps
  • Get whiskey barrels
  • Get whiskey barrels to hold water

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