Sunday, April 25, 2010

Water Garden: iPhone Web App Progress

The water garden project is at a standstill at the moment because I'm having a hard time finding whiskey barrels at a reasonable price. I have, however, made some progress on the iPhone control interface for the water garden! As of now I have a semi-functioning web app that can check the status of and send control signals to the ioBridge.

The illustration at the top of the app will be dynamic and show different things depending on the status of the various sensors, pumps, etc. I haven't finished it therefore it just shows everything at the moment. The yellow dots indicate that the ioBridge is offline. They will be green if the water level is ok and red if it is low. The on/off toggles simply switch a relay on and off.

I'm continuing to look for decently priced whiskey barrels but if I can't find them I'm considering building a multi-tiered water garden out of wood and using a plastic liner. Stay tuned.

Note: "Under Water Lights" should be "Underwater Lights." I already fixed it but not before I took these screenshots. :-)

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  1. After I finish my project, I'm gonna get you to help me make it into an iPhone app. We may do it this summer. Just got to put on the finishing touches.