Thursday, December 6, 2012

Rustic Star Tree Topper

After upgrading from the four foot tree I have had for a few years I decided it was time to get some type of tree topper. I wanted something rustic to match the theme of my tree but couldn't find anything that met my requirements. I solved this problem by making my own.

The inspiration for my tree topper came from an ornament I found at Target. I thought a larger version would make for a great tree topper but I was unable to find anything like it in a larger size.

Ornament that was the inspiration

  • Twigs of varying sizes (about 1/4" to 1/8")
  • Craft wire
  • Hot glue sticks

  • Sharp knife
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pliers

Step One: Gather and clean the twigs
The first thing you will need to do is gather some twigs to make your star. Make sure you get plenty and that they are of varying circumference. Make sure you clean the twigs to ensure sure they don't have anything alive on them (fungus, mites, etc.) I put mine in the dishwasher by themselves and let if run for a cycle without soap. Be sure to let them thoroughly dry after this of course.

Step Two: Cut twigs for main frame
You will now need to cut five pieces that are the same length. These will make up the main frame of the star. They should be thicker pieces (about 1/4") and need to be fairly straight. The length that you cut these pieces will determine the size of the star. 

Step Three: Assemble the main frame
Start by attaching two of the pieces together at the ends with wire so that they form a "V" shape. One by one attach the remaining three pieces at the ends until the basic star shape has formed. At this point it may be a little bit off. To correct that use wire to attach the pieces to each other where they overlap.

Main frame partially assembled

Step Four: Add the three-dimensional elements
You will need five twig pieces cut to the same length for this step. Use pieces that are the same diameter as the pieces you used to build the main frame. The length of the pieces will vary depending on the size of the star and how deep you want the star to be. Once you get the length figured out and the pieces cut you shape the ends to fit together and glue them together and to the main frame with hot glue.

Add three-dimensional elements

Step Five: Fill in the spaces
Using smaller diameter twigs begin to fill the voids. Decrease the diameter of the twigs as you move towards the centers.

Fill in the spaces

Step Six: Add mounting "bracket"
Depending on your tree you may be able to mount the star as is. I attached a 10-12" stick to the back of the star that I could then wire to the trunk of my tree to hold the star in place.

Add mounting "bracket"

Step Seven: Add "frost"
If you want the twigs to look like they have been out in the cold and are covered with frost lightly spray with flat white spray paint. After the paint dries you can optionally spray the star with spray adhesive and add some silver glitter if you want that look.


Finished product


  1. Just made one last night and it turned out fantastic!!

  2. I made a star based on your design and it worked out beautifully! Love it!

  3. This is GENIUS and pretty cheap, simple, but beautiful! I love stars! And I don’t have a tree topper. Guess I better start collecting sticks �� thanks so much!!

  4. I was struggling with what to do for a tree topper this year as I changed my decorations to be mostly handmade and rustic. This was the answer, thank you!